Long ago everybody wanted to have one millon dollars, now everybody wants one millon “Likes”

Same mechanism; running after a Holografic Carrot that does not exist anywhere

Doing whatever, wherever, however, in order to get a “little heart” or a “thumb up” is becoming more and more usual.

But everybody has the right to put his finger where he wants. And something I celebrate every day, is the Great level of “Diversity” we have in this world

Watch out!!! It´d be fantastic to have Seven Thousand Two Hundred Millon followers, or being Zuckelberg´s cousing and receive 200.000 contacts for your birthday… or may be you´d prefer to flush your cat down the drain sand upload the video to get 1000 views, but that´s only itched paper and fireworks…

How about going on doing what we love, despite of the “Dayly Trends”?

Thanks for appreciating our Genuine Art !

There´s a lot more through the labyrinths of Milhorizontes !!! Feel free to explore it as you wish!

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if you don´t… go on searching, in this world there´s a bit of everything…

 Alum & Dalam