-How do you manage to survive in such a strange place ? …How many languages do you speak ?!

-Just one… the language of Happines!!!

-You must be a millonaire…

-Absolutely..! my fortune is incredibly huge…

In my backpack I carry millons of fulfilled dreams… many more to be fulfilled…

And a Magic Hat from which infinite ideas sprout constantly to make us discover Hidden Treasures in everyday life…

Take as much as you want!

Real Fortune grows even bigger when shared from our heart!!!


  1. Anonymous

    One day we meet again
    I now live in baloy beach subic philippines
    So if you come this way look me up

  2. PAPA

    No hace mucho te pasé un libro para que leyeses, que relataba las aventuras de viaje por el mundo de una parejita de argentinos. Se llamaba ATRAPA TU SUEÑO.

    SIN DUDA ambos, vos y ALUM , lo están atrapando!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….SIGAN DENTRO DE EL CON MUCHA ALEGRIA Y FELICIDAD.


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