Author: Dalam El Viajero

How to get 10,000 “Likes” (even though nobody likes you) !!!

Long ago everybody wanted to have one millon dollars, now everybody wants one millon “Likes” Same mechanism; running after a Holografic Carrot that does not exist anywhere Doing whatever, wherever, however, in order to get a “little heart” or a “thumb up” is becoming more and more usual. But everybody has the right to put his finger where he wants. And something I celebrate every day, is the Great level of “Diversity” we have in this world Watch out!!! It´d be fantastic to have Seven Thousand Two Hundred Millon followers, or being Zuckelberg´s cousing and receive 200.000 contacts for your birthday… or may be you´d...

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The Happiest Country in the World !!!

The first thing you find when you get off the plane in Port Vila (Efate) in addition to the reduced staff of the few airlines that land here (with their flowery shirts and tropical smiles that seem to be part of their uniform but are the most authentic I`ve ever seen!), is a giant banner that says in local language “Welcome to Vanuatu” “The happiest country in the world” This joyful Melanesian archipielago is comprised of 83 islands with different dialects, and as we got informed before jumping into them, they are all so diverse and unexplored that depending on which...

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The Tower of Babel vs. The Paper Towel

Living in such a spectacularly unique Culture where -although days pass by on and on- we still can´t understand how is it possible that the “indiference, unscrupulousness, corruption” in which we were brought up, are replaced here by “honesty, humility, nobility of spirit” as easily as you could exchange rise for bread…, our first question is… -…Which planet did these slant-eyed people come from? And then…; –“How could they keep their essence so pure, surviving the globalized flood of  disposable moral values?” Probably the fact of being an Island, where you don´t get so easily, and even more; overshadowed by the oversized land mass...

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When did you become a Traveler?

While I fulfill my dream of sailing towards the 4 cardinal points across the 7 seas under the 12 Signs of the Zodiac exploring Thousands of Horizons on our bright Magic Carpet… (and above all; with the best traveling partner of all my Lives, the Little Princess Alum!) … I suddenly wake up willing to set up a Web Site…-[*? @# “:”!– (something I´ve always considered attractive, but at the same time unnecessary, irrelevant, confusingly complex and overwhelming… Specially remembering that in the 90´s -by the time I started my excentric voyages- setting up a website was almost as...

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“Inverted Darwinism” Alum´s & Dalam´s New “Species Evolution” Theory

Around 2008, while crossing the Rift Valley (Ethiopia) in search of the most ancestral tribes that might have survived to the expansion of civilization… Walking, camping and hitch-hiking on the lands where the human race is supposed to have been originated, I had the great opportunity to spend some time living with direct descendants of “Lucy” – the most ancient Australopithecus ever found- (3,500,000 years old). During my captivity in the clandestine prison of Makalawe under the command of the Mursi Tribe; I got to learn quite a lot from this indomitable African country (the only one in the...

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